Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I like crowded

Happy Birthday dear Laogong!!!

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday. The day before yesterday, he rewarded himself a set of dvd-karaoke with home theater set to be put in our room with 10 new DVD-karaoke with different songs that he likes.

Yesterday we had our dinner at home inviting my bro's and his families and my sis.. It's all 15 of us altogether plus me inside. We were having steamboat. It was very fun! Loads of foods and lots of fun because it's mixed of people in one house. After having dinner, we were separated into three different groups. One group was singing in the room, one group was children playing with toys, and another one was watching TV show outside.

Steamboat Birthday dinner at Home Sweet Home :)
I like crowded. Maybe it's because I was born in a quite big family. I'm the youngest of five siblings. I have 3 sis and 1 bro. When we were still under one roof, every nite we would get together in my parent's room and had a chat together. Talking about who and who.. what they do.. etc. I like it very much. I really miss that time. Now, we seldom had it together cos we were separated in few countries and only had chance when we got together. Even if we get together, we would be busy with our own families now.. got husband/wife, children to take care, etc.

So, yesterday, although it was only 15 of us, it's already BIG for me now.

Just for info, yesterday after work, I went to Immigration and apply for citizenship =P

I applied once before but was rejected because I was applying alone and the main reason I was rejected was because my salary was too low.. What a reason!!! :P

And this time, I applied under my hubby's sponsor. I just wondered what the result would be. If this time could be rejected again.. I will never ever apply this again in my life :D

I don't like people look down on another just because they don't have enough education, not enough money, etc. People has equal status in life. So what if my salary was not high as long as I can still live happily the way I live, right? Does money more important than one's happiness??

Tomorrow we will have another birthday party. This time will be in my brother's house, to celebrate my sis-in-law's bday.. Hope it would be crowded and as fun as yesterday!!


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