Thursday, June 16, 2005

Night Safari

Yesterday after work, I went back home first, then having dinner together with my sis, her hubby, my hubby and my son nearby the place where I live.

Afterwards, we were leaving to Night Safari in Mandai. It was quite far away, took us 40 min to reach.
My sis works in travel agent and she has complimentary pass, which she could get 4 free tickets for adults.
So, we went in free then..

We all took the tram and watched many types of animals in open space, with little or almost no barrier with our opened tram. The guide kept explaining on what we saw on left and right.

We stopped on the first tram station, then went down for a while to have a break. We actually were able to walk and see, but I felt so tired yesterday and decided not to walk ourselves, and back to the tram. So, another journey by the tram, then at 10pm we watched the show, which was quite interesting for the first comer huehehe... The show ended at 10.30 pm and we went back home afterwards.

I think the place was fine. But compared with the one in Puncak, Indonesia, which was called Taman Safari, I think Taman Safari was much better than Night Safari. There were more varieties of animals that we could see and each type of animal consists of few of them and not just one or two like those who live in the Night Safari. Also, during night time, it's quite hard to see the animal clearly and it's really inconvenient to take picture as we could not use flash in camera.

For the show, it was a better relief. But if I had to go and pay myself, I would choose not to go there anymore. The admission and tram per person for each adult cost S$24/person and S$12/child. Without tram it costs $18/person and $9/child. I think it was too expensive for what we got. I dont know how much was the price for the food inside, but I was told that the price of the drink was 4 times of the normal price, which means, the cost for one pet bottle of Sprite was S$4.00!!

The location was quite far and accessible better with Taxi, which would cost you another how much bucks for two way journey.

Well... every people has different opinion.. but for me, I dont think I will go back there for a second time :D

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