Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Busy Busy Busy Too!!!!

Huaa....true true busyy..sobb...
btw, do u really busy reyka? how come? what have u done in the office? hehehe
anyway, just cant wait till tomorrow...oh yeah, my colleague gonna cook me pork chop as well tomorrow, nyummyyyy..hehehe
well...i dont know what my position here in this company...i can take so many job title according to what i've been doing here...geezz...just now finished uploading website as well for my company..lucky they dont ask for anything fancy..just linking webpage to webpage..pheww..otherwise i have to spend days again to learn those fancy things..but coz of tinkering with the website..i feel i want to make one for myself too..but too lazy i think, hehehe
anyway..kinda tired already now..just cant wait to go home..but even when i go home, still have many things to do...have to wash my sheet sets, pillowcase, comforter, laundry, sweep and mop the floor..tidy up my table..tidy up my shirts many things to do..
when can i have someone by myside to help me when something like this happen..hiksss

1 comment:

reykato6 said...

Helo whyme.. how was the pork chop?? hehehehe.. u havent told me how was it? Delicious??? *ngeces... huehehhehee..
About me hor?? Hem.. in office ah.. quite some things to do.. sometimes not much.. depend lor..
Aniwae.. i think u need a maid to do all those chores u mentioned.. hahaha... rather than gf or wife ;P
Oklah.. gotta stop now.. and continue my activity... =P Ciao and good luck!!

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