Thursday, August 04, 2005

Damn flu!!

It started last Friday. I thought it was just a normal cold, till it got worst. On Monday, almost everyone knew that I was sick by the way I spoke.. even till today.

I went to company doctor on Monday morning and he gave me pills for five days. Today is the forth day already and my flu seems have not recovered yet.

He gave me 3 types of medicine. One for nose, only drink it twice per day (not to drink at night), one for phlegm three times a day, and another one is one per day (only to drink at night cos it will cause dizziness and you will sleep all the way).

It really did! For three nights I could feel like gulping sleeping pills. I always go to bed at 10 pm and wake up at 7am, yesterday 7.40am. 9 hours supposed to be sufficient for normal people.. even more than enough (ever heard people who sleep 5-6 hours/day??), but it's never enough for me in this type of condition. It's very hard of me to wake up every morning, wish that every day is holiday so I could sleep more. Perhaps the effect of the medicine is too strong. When will I recover???????

I hate it man when I am sick. I feel that I have no energy to walk, no mood to eat, and even to do anything.. just wish I could apply sick leave and sleep a whole day at home.. but too bad, I can't =(

Well, National day is coming soon!! Well, it's Spore National day.. which also a remembrance of my father-in-law one year' pass away. How time flies!

And u know what? Last week I bought 4D and chose the i-bet, where the number, let's say 1234 for $1, then if the number came out 4321, I will still win (but with less prizes). I bought for Wed, Sat and Sun, and no one set of number came out, and yesterday it came out at 1st prize, where I did not buy it. *sigh.... perhaps it's not my luck in this type of game.

But I do buy hope.. hope that I could win it someday.. hahahahahhaa...

OKlah.. got to work now.. and wish me recover soon huh??? hiaheihaehiaheiae... bubyeee

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