Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Lie? Truth?

Well.. it's now about word 'lie'.
L I E.. T R U T H..
Sometimes.. we have to lie to hide the truth from someone that we love.. in order not to make them disappointed..
Sometimes.. we can not lie to someone that we love.. 'coz we want them to know everything about us..
Sometimes.. we have to keep lying.. so that he/she's be better not knowing anything rather than knowing the truth..
There is also one thing about lie..
You wonder whether you wanna know the truth or better not..
You are curious to know about the truth.. But once you know.. it's only to make your heart in despair.. You feel like being stabbed by someone you love, you trust, you care... You may lose all the trust you have till time can heal your pain.
So now..
Should we lie? or should we tell the truth??
But I had to know the truth.. although I will know what the real person they are..
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