Thursday, September 08, 2005

Truth in Life Hurts

You surely agree those words...Truth in life really hurts..
Sometimes... i just cant face the truth..that no matter how bitter, how wrong the situation, but it just hurts too much, that i prefer to live in my dream
Is it really that wrong to live in a dream?
I've been asking myself...
To follow the right accept the truth..i need to embrace all the pain that they cause..but to what end? Just for doing the right thing? Is by doing the right thing will make everything allright?
My friend once told me..its not only about the right thing..its about the future as well..
We cant just live in the present only...we need to broaden our mind..see what lies ahead of us by doing the right thing...
Those words struck me deeply...
I've been narrowminded....
Just like working in a company...if we can't pave our carreer in that company, better leave that company and find another one where we can build our future!
But me...i prefer to work as regular guy in the company as long as im happy there...rather than going to other company and not happy
OMG...i lose track what im talking about =D
back to topic..truth in life hurts..
so..what do we do then? should we accept the truth? ofcourse we have to..we dont have any choice except to accept the truth..the real question is, what do we do with the truth in our life?
accept and go on with our life? or hide in our dream?
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