Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Another part of life

Yesterday I had a dinner with my ex-Boss, just the two of us. After almost a year we finally met together again and there were lots of changes happening. In my eyes, she is a very strong woman, who needs to balance between work and family.

She understands what woman has been through.. I took a lot of her advices in life.. which i think is quite true. Such as.. in work.. we shouldn't give up easily, and take our experience as a lesson. It is never too late to learn, no matter how old we are now. And the most important is that we must be trust able and reliable in our work.. cos no matter what, people will look for someone who is trust able and reliable in the work, to work for them, no matter how old we are.. just take her as an example..

Well.. after having a nice dinner, we went back home. She even still remembered that my son's bday is coming soon and gave my son a red hong bao before we separated.

I slept at 11 pm yesterday and woke up at 7am this morning, and to find a Disney's photo frame on my table. It was a present from my sis-in-law who was just coming back from HK last nite (they arrived very late at nite, and I had slept by the time they reached home).

I was thinking to bring the frame to the office, but then.. my office table is too small to put such a large frame.. so.. haven't decided yet on where to put that frame.. =))) Thank you!

Well.. still have flu and sore throat.. thinking of seeing doctor later.. see then... write till here.. ciao

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