Monday, November 21, 2005

It wasn't that bad...

The revision classes have almost done, left one for tonite. Minutes by minutes, hours by hours.. Last weekend was really a complete torture. I am physically and mentally tired...

Yesterday evening, after the class, I had a dinner with my mom and the others at Marche. I ate a sumptuous dinner starting with soup, main course - sirloin steak w/ side dish of mashed potato and saute wild mashroom salad, and ended w/ dessert, which is crepes w/ custard and banana caramel plus strawberry ice cream and beverage of Erdinger.. hehehehe... What a complete meal!! This is one way to distress myself..

For last Saturday, after nite class, I ended my day by watching Toy Story II.

Now, I'm very very very very tired.. And after today, the rest is our own revision study... Lots of things to remember.. S162 loans to director, S157 director must act honestly and exercise reasonable diligence in discharge of his duties, and the rest that I can't remember.. hahahaha..

Then Donoghue Stevenson, law for negligence/tort, Re McArdle-Past consideration is no consideration and bla bla bla.. i think got more than hundred to remember?????

Yesterday after dinner, we went through the Orchard Rd, as if yesterday was Christmas Day.. Other than decoration and lighting, there were also Christmas musical along the road.. Almost every place was decorated or thematic w/ Christmas.

Feel like buying present for myself.. like clothes, or soft toys, but those are thick clothes - nice though- but not really suitable with the weather here.. as for soft toys.. there were too small or not nice to be hugged.. and so on.. havent got a suitable one.. yet. Maybe u wanna buy one for me?? hehehehehe... =D

Well.. get back to the biz... must pass the exam first, then think about what to buy for Christmas... Ciao

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