Wednesday, November 09, 2005

limit of what we can take

yup..guess there's just a limit for each of us of how far we can take our stress, lmao
now, i guess i just really tired of my life..
office politic, love life, daily life...
really really tired..
there's just so much i want to do, but theres nothing i can do
just live life to the fullest, if we can that is
doesnt matter how far we try to live life to the fullest, all meaningless when we go home and realize how empty our life is
some people might get lucky..when they go home, they have someone waiting for them, and they have someone they've been waiting for to meet
those people really lucky, and should never ever lose it
but some people (read: me)
gee...whos waiting for them..who can they meet at home..who can they share with all their problems and tell them that everything gonna be alright..
only empty walls and computer answer them..and this blog

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

From the way you expressed your feeling, seems like you feel that your life is in dispair.
Are you tired of your current life? Maybe you should think all over again, on what things that can make you be happier and have a wonderful life.. If your current life couldn't give what you 've expected, why don't you set up a new agenda.. a new goal.. a new hope.. If you couldn't get along with the people in your current life, why don't you make a new friend? or friends? I'm sure it can revive your life.. and out from those loneliness and boredom. Go for holiday.. Can't go for a long trip? Go for the short one then.. Anyway, just find your happiness.. cos happiness lies in you..

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