Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Duno.. now not feeling well
But haven't died yet..
I am me, me equal to I
I have a very short tempered
Lots of victims 'kena'
They love me, but not my temper
I thought when u love some1, u must love the person as they are?
Good & bad..
But no matter what, they still love me..
and no matter what, i still love them too..
Just now, we fight
I think the distance is greater and greater
Still remember what the 'uncle' said
No matter how we tried..
as long as before the age
It won't succeed
perhaps people learn from their mistakes
And i learnt a lot
about how the person is
what she/he is looking for
what she/he likes and dislikes
sweet words.. soften voice..
ahaha... seems like... make the story became reality
well, i should practice some too
but again, my short temper
i dun have that patience
Guess what?
should i find the 'lost' person?
Perhaps this person felt 'losing' me too?
Aniwae.. no use... attached 'liao'
huahahahaha.. and 'guai2 too', unlike me =p
Quoted from someone.. 'can drink, can eat too' huahahaha..
Kinda mumbling here..
But yeah.. just realise.. long time didnt see the 'lost' person
Buzy? seems like 'no fate' is the right words to use
Otherwise... my face has been red all the time..
Wow.. now sleepy... can find 'zzz' words in my brain..
I'm sick but I tried..
I was 'banged' but I didn't complain.. yet
Is this world fair enough??
Just now my cousin msged me
'Dun think too much'
seems like i very stress like that 'meh'?
Wow, so singlish, 'hor'?
K-lah, k-lah.. stop 'lah', before i got 'banged' again..
hahahahahha.. ciao mamamia

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