Monday, November 07, 2005

My best friend...

I just read her profile.. and it looks like that she was confusing with herself, just like any of us do.
I knew her during my study in Swiss. First time knew her from another guy, our best friend, and we travelled for the very first time together to Germany (9 of us), and I was the only one who could communicate in Chinese with her... We were in different class until our 4th year and we were in the same group for most of our projects..

I found a lot of commons between me and; her, especially regarding to our families and both of us love our father very much and have learnt a lot of principles in life from their own experiences. We were taught to be thrift or prudent with our money, not to waste it for unuseful things, to make use of our lives fully independently, to always love our family members no matter what.. and many more thinkings that both of us find it same.. That's why I feel comfortable in talking and chatting with her...

After graduating, we still keep in touch. She often comes here for holiday and we met together with other school friends.

Since she studied in Aussie, I found her a little bit closing her self.. til I have to push her little bit to tell me what was going on.. how was she... etc..

Like what she wrote on her profile.. I was having almost same personalities but not all with her.. The most difference we have is.. in our relationship with guy. She is still single now.. pretty.. while me.. I am no more single.. have one son and not as pretty as her.. hehehe..

Sometimes I feel more and more distance with her. If I didn't approach her, she wouldn't share her feelings with me.. Well, maybe it's her characteristics where she feels more comfortable with. Just hope that.. we always have that 'yuan fen' of being good friends till we old.. and die.. huehehe... :D

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