Saturday, November 12, 2005

Nothing is eternal in this world

So many things happened after the new one came. Lots of changes here and there. There is no more secure feelings. You can just receive the bad news any time.
If someone on top of u left, and replaced by someone you are not comfortable with, what will u do? Actually I found that my current position is quite nice, but I guess we must deal with changes, and therefore, we must be ready on whatever thing that will happen in the future.
Sad for some who is leaving.. but we still have to go on with our lives, haven't we? It's only a matter whether we can endure or give up and find another one. But another one, which place to go? Starting new place, new environment, new people, new policy, everything is new.. and may not as good as we are now *sigh..
Life o life..
Why are you so cruel?
I always believe in yuan fen, but then.. if there is no more fate between us, if it's not ours.. it's not ours then.... *sigh again...

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