Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Only myself could help myself...

Hei.. ya.. how a ya?
Cant think of myself rite now..
I should think of my coming exam, just like anybody else do..
One month to go.. still lots to read..
Yesterday didnt feel well.. and tonite got appointment for dinner with my ex-Boss..
Hm.. should start study already..
Not really in mood.. but must go for it....
Well.. must concentrate in studying and forget about anything else then.. let the rest happy with themselves and I must struggle myself.. only myself can help myself.. nobody else would do..
So.. cant be selfish, ok?
Anyway.. exam is my choice.. this is my life that i ve chosen.. so.. no matter what the rest do while i am struggling, i still have to struggle.. let the rest be fun then...
Come on.. u can do that.. Jia you!!!

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