Monday, November 07, 2005


Holiday has over.. now we are all going back to work again!!!

Today I have lots of things to prepare and all was given in one day.. I must know how to prioritize.

Yesterday I couldn't sleep.. Ready to sleep at 2am.. but I could only sleep around 3am. After that I woke up at 5.30am because my son was wetting (I forgot to put a diapers on him). Therefore, the bed was wet.

Then at 7am i woke up again and went to work.

My head is find, but my body is damn tired. Nowadays I have this panda eyes.. which I don't think I had before.

Later I will have lunch with my sister and her South Korean friend who visited Spore for only one nite and leave again tonight..

Tomorrow, I am going to have dinner with my ex-boss, just the two of us.. Not really know what I should say but I want to thank her for treating me very well during my last job and wonder how she is doing now.

This week and next week will be a very tiring week for me, especially next week. My mom is coming and I need to arrange thing for her. I'll have an education visit tour from the hotel (We're going to visit Tiger Beer factories. How exciting! Lolx!). After that I will have revision class non-stop from Fri nite, Sat aft to nite, Sun morning to evening, then Mon nite.. Oh, I wanna see how strong my body and mind will be... Just hope I can have a good health before the exam is coming..

Well.. that's my time table for a moment.. Update again next time... Ciao!

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