Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Twist of Fate

Yesterday I watched the musical theater show titled "A Twist of Fate"

Below is the story line:

In 1917 a baby is abandoned on the steps of the famous Raffles Hotel. A childless English couple finds the crying infant and sails away to England with the child in their arms.

In 1937, 20 years later, the orphaned Emma West discovers a gold hairpin among her adoptive father’s estate. She uncovers a secret that leads her to Singapore and into a web of conspiracy, deceit and love that stretches back in time and across oceans. Meanwhile, in Singapore, the house of Lim Chin Boon is in turmoil; the dying Master Lim receives a letter from a young lady who could well be his long-lost granddaughter; or is she part of an elaborate plot to steal his wealth?

In the tradition of Agatha Christie and the great “whodunits” of the 1930s, A Twist of Fate is a delicious comedy of twists and turns, false clues and dastardly deeds, set against the backdrop of a Peranakan family in Singapore. Dark and stormy nights, midnight rendezvous, an inconvenient murder or two, and memorable tunes make this an entertaining, suspense-filled evening at the theatre.

Stars Laura Michelle Kelly (Mary Poppins – Laurence Olivier Award Best Actress 2005). Lyrics by Laurence Olivier Award winner Anthony Drewe and music by Dick Lee. Book by Tony Petito and Steven Dexter. Voted Best Musical of 1997 by The Straits Times, A Twist of Fate is back again by popular demand – bigger and better.

It was held in Esplanade or so called "Gedung Durian" hehehe...

I went there lots of time but yesterday, it was my first time to watch the show inside the theater. The company that I work is one of the sponsors of the show and we were given tickets for the Gala premiere show. Quite numbers of my colleagues went there, some bring their spouse, partner, friend, or even parents.

We were seated at the top balcony (quite scary since it is the highest place), and strictly no photography inside the building...

For the first part of the show, I almost fell asleep since I was too tired these past few days. But after the break, everything was just fine.

I wonder how the stars having such a nice and strong voice for the whole performance. Were they recorded? Or was it coming out naturally? Anyway, I found them all so talented to memorize all the scripts and dances. If it were me.. I 'd faint already in the first part of my appearance then.. hahaha...

The show was started at 8pm and finish at 11pm with a 15-mins break in the middle.
I brought my sis and watched together with other colleagues too..

Reached home at 11.30pm, I was terribly tired then.. Take a shower, and having a phone call for a while.. then I went to sleep... What a tired week!!!

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