Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last day of year 2005

Today is the last day of the year 2005.

Well.. can't really remember what were the resolutions for year 2005, just could remember some.. I think, first, was to have another baby.. especially baby girl.. But after having some considerations.. we decided not to have one first.

Second, was to keep on studying. Better walk slow rather than not walking at all.. yeah.. I took only 1 paper last period and still dunno the result yet.. hopefully I could pass.. hiks hiks..

The rest, I forgot.. hehehe..

But last year, I have already done some things I would like to do.. such as converted the driving licenses (motor and car) from Indonesia driving license to S'pore one and also converted my nationality, which needed lots of efforts *and money too.. ;P

Last year, I could get a job too.. Quite suitable for the current situation, as the place is accessible from home and to anywhere.. Job's scopes were not that stressful so that I could still study on part time basis.. and the most important.. the colleagues were friendly.

How about year 2006's resolution then?? Hm.. let me think about it...

First.. to keep on studying.. no matter how stressful I would be (Next semester I'll take 2 classes and I knew that I will be struggling as I never studied the material before this... If I couldn't take it, perhaps I will only take one exam despite having 2 classes.

Second.. I must have a long holiday to the places I love to go.. Doesn't matter alone or with someone else.. but I need to relax and enjoy life for a while.. Go somewhere without a package tour, but rather having own adventure on where to go or what to do..

Third.. well.. actually I need to save more money.. but I think it's quite hard to do so.. since from the last year's experience.. what I've earned was not that much and what I spent was almost on what I've earned.. so at the end.. the saving is zero.. *sigh... Need to work on it..

Thinking of changing job? Not really.. perhaps not yet...

Fourth.. keep maintaining relationship with families, friends, etc. Already plan to go back to Jakarta on CNY. My brother and sisters are all going back and we'll meet each other then..
oh yeah.. just think of the fifth one.. learn how to cook Indonesian's dishes.. hehehe... who knows I could open a stall selling Indonesian's dishes.. ;P

I guess.. that's all for the moment.. My life is quite boring, isn't it???

Well.. gotta carry on with my job now.. Happy New Year everyone... Hope u have a new year's resolutions too... Ciao

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

3 days to change to a new year

How time flies... X'mas has already over. No more holiday mood.. instead.. thinking of next week the school is start!!!! Hiks... 3rd Jan, the nightmare is begun.. *what a life... hahahahahaha...

One more long weekend.. then everything is back to normal.

This Christmas, I spent most of my time at home. On 26, I went to Orchard to have Indonesian's food - Ayam Penyet. I love it! The fried yellow kampong chicken with tahu and tempe, Rawon soup - one of my favorite soups, wow... wish that I could have it everyday...

Have planned to learn how to cook next month when I'll be back to Jakarta for 8 days. Hopefully I could learn some and practice it here or anywhere I stay. Nasi uduk, fried chicken, sambal terasi, rojak's sauce, asinan's sauce, soto, etc.. hopefully I got a chance to do so.

Hm... Chinatown has already been decorated with Chinese New Year's decorations. I guess they're quite 'kiasu' to do it only after the X'mas has over. Still have one occasion to go - Count down to New Year!!

One of my friends will have the count down in Las Vegas... hiks.. *how jealous I am!! When will I have a chance to do so?? Not in a lifetime!!

How about my past New Year?? Anything special?? Let me think!!!

I think my New Year passed as per normal, nothing special. Or maybe I couldn't remember... hehehe.. never mind.. as long as I'm still alive.. healthy.. happy.. it doesn't matter, does it?

Well.. perhaps my dream is.. to have a New Year countdown somewhere in Eiffel Tower in Paris, full with fireworks on the sky... =P I don't think I would have it in my entire life.. hahahaha....

OKlah.. stop dreaming and gotta go back to work now!!! Ciao

Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas is coming soon

This photo was taken on Wednesday, 21 Dec 05. It was our Department's X'mas Party. They were all my colleagues. We had lots of pizzas, chicken wings, curry puff, siumai, etc. on that day..

Each of us got a present too.. bought and prepared by PY and me. I got a keyboard wrist-rest (dog shape) and a small X'mas tree that has lights and music inside. Not bad, ah??

The most important thing was that everyone enjoyed the party :)

Today is Friday. Once reached the office, my boss asked me to wrap the presents for other departments. For almost half day I was busy wrapping the chocolates boxes and made a last-minute Christmas cards with small X'mas tree on it. After that I delivered the presents personally to the department head.

And you know what? I got one present too from her.. a photo frame. I haven't opened yet.. perhaps later, at home.

I exchanged gift with my colleague this morning. She gave me a tumbler, now on my table =) There was also a table clock given by my Boss. She has enough, so she gave it to me. It was very nice, a star shape.. But too bad, the batteries were not working so I had to change it first before I could use it hehehe...

We also celebrated Christmas at our cafeteria. Tables were covered beautifully with red and pink clothes. The food was special too... They served turkey with a very nice mushroom sauce, potato salad, pasta salad with sausage - hm... nyummy..., fried noodle, vegetable, pastries, sea coconut with lime, etc.

After having my lunch, I rushed to Bras Basah to buy a present to my Boss. I was thinking whether to give it today or later on her B'day on 29th. Well.. perhaps recently I had been a bit kiasu, then I gave it to her after my return. She then told me that somebody else has also given her the Sudoku, but I was not quite sure whether it is the same model or different one. Well.. I never expected that somebody else might give her and not necessarily that she bought herself. Anyway.. the heart that counted, rite? Just hope she liked it, that's all... :)

I plan to visit my grandma after work together with my sis and bro. She is now staying at Orchard Road. I can imagine how crowded the road will be later... *sigh...

Well.. still no plan for tomorrow and the day after too. Perhaps stay at home and watch DVD, or karaoke, or play keyboard, or visit my bro, or etc... etc.. etc..

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Year 2005 will end soon...

1) Was 2005 a good year for you?
I guess 2005 is a good year for me. In the beginning of the year all family members traveled to Jakarta and came back safely and happily. Then before that, I got an interview and a job, which I have carried on for almost a year now. So far, my superior and colleagues treat me well and we can get along together - hope that it could carry on like that. For my study, I have continued my ACCA up to Paper 2.2, which I don't know the result yet.. but plan to take another two next year, hopefully everything will go smoothly. Well, everything sounds good, isn't it??

2) What was your favorite moment of the year?
Well.. perhaps.. I got flowers for my Valentine Day from someone.. which shocked my husband =P And.. finally I could get the Singapore citizenship this month.. *so I can travel anywhere without a Visa... =P

3) Where were you when 2005 began?
 I think I was at home and didn't go anywhere

4) Who were you with?
Since I was staying at home, then it must be with the family members who stay with me

5) Where will you be when 2005 ends?
I guess at the same place, at home

6) Who will you be with when 2005 ends?
Perhaps, same with the answer in number 4

7) Did you fall in love in 2005?
I always fall in love...

8) Did you breakup with anyone in 2005?

9) Did you make any new friends in 2005?
Yes, lots of them.. *starting new job.. *friends at the school.. etc.

10) Who are your favorite new friends?
Well.. favorite?? Perhaps some of my colleagues..

11) What was your favorite month of 2005?
I think.. August - September

12) Did you travel outside of your country in 2005?
Yeah... to Jakarta - Bandung.. to Msia too.. - KL - Genting - Sunway Lagoon

13) How many country have you traveled in 2005?

14) Did you lose anybody close to you in 2005?

15) Did you miss anybody in the past year?

16) What was your favorite movie that you saw in 2005?
Well.. I seldom watch movie.. but I still remember some, like The Maid, then King Kong..

17) What were your favorite songs in 2005?
Dong Hua

18) How many concerts did you see in 2005?

19) Did you have a favorite concert in 2005?
I only went once.. so.. what can I say?

20) Did you do anything you are ashamed of this year?
I don't think so

21) What are your plans for 2006?
Keep the relationship at work.. Work well.. Manage my time well.. Hopefully can manage to continue my study smoothly.. And.. yeah.. one more plan.. I wanna fly to USA... Hopefully my dream can be fulfilled and come true... =) *Will let you know next year...

Friday, December 16, 2005

Weekend again...

Today is Friday... I guess I have no mood over X'mas already... 'cos right after the exam finished, I went all over the places.. bought the presents.. and spent lots of money already.. heuehehehe... This month I spent the most.. The AWS, which I haven't received yet, will be deducted automatically from those goods.. hehehe... including my son's account =p

Well... today I guess I'm going home after work.. take a good rest and watching DVD with my son... hehehe... Have a nice weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hm... Singaporean??

Yesterday was the officialy date for me becoming a Singaporean, although I haven't collected my pink IC yet.. Must wait 'til CDC is being held... then they will inform me where to go and only after the ceremony has been done then I can get my IC & Cert of Citizenship...
'bout the passport, I can collect it before end of this year... So exciting!!!! =P

After finished dealing with the Oath, I went to DFS in Scotts Road. I was entitled 25% disc by presenting my Employee ID for 2 days only (14&15 Dec'05). I bought 'Eternity Moment', a pack of the eau de parfum 100ml, lotion 100ml, and small tote bag, after discount for only $84. For me, it was a great deal.. The smell was sweet and it lasts quite long.. *I can still smell it on my cloth now =P I just bought it without thinking twice or comparing the price first with the other vendor =] *I am one of Eternity fans and quite loyal with it... kekekeke... I also bought some stuffs from Clinique and MAC.

Quite tiring day.. so we ended up at McD by sipping the ice tea and a cigarette... =P The feeling was really good... I know that smoke is bad for health.. but i just did it once in a while... and yesterday I feel very relaxing and 'shiok'.

December.. month of holiday and shopping too..
The things in my head now is the Sudoku game (looks like PDA). It costs $40, quite expensive hor??? May think about it again before buying.. hehehe..
Then, my IT colleague has helped me ordering the portable 80GB hard disk from Prestigio.. Must hand-in the money to him tomorrow... *hopefully I remember.. hehehe..
Hm.. must control my spending soon after... It's been deficit by then.. hiks hiks hiks...

Btw one of my best friend will finally get married this Sunday.. Although I couldn't attend her wedding, I just wish her and her husband-to-be to have a blissful marriage ever after... =)))
She is my senior high school friend. We were in the same class for three years and sit together in the same table for two years.. but she is much cleverer than me (number 1 in class, WOW!!!)
Just write in the Wedding card for her... ready to send in!!

Hm.... what a life!!
So many things around us.. Good and bad.. Happy and sad..
We just have to live with it and make sure our lives go on...

Monday, December 12, 2005

Anata no Ichiban ni Naritai ( I Want to be Your Number One)

As I am holding on to feelings that I can't speak of,
my heart is filled with (visions) of you.
But it looks like these unbearably painful thoughts will make me cry.
Those eyes of yours are fixed on her,
Forever unwavering it seems.
But hey, just a little... only a little,
could you look at me?
If I had met you before anyone else
You would have loved me as in my dreams...
as I wish, right?
(If) once more...
(if) once morewe were to be born and meet again,
next time, I want to be your number one.
The more often we meet, the worse I feel.
Seeing you is bound to just make me lonely.
Isn't it selfish, this troublesome love that I feel?
If I could only steal you...
Yes, I have thoughts like those too.
The distance between us...
This is over...
I don't wish to speak anymore.
"You coward",
another of myself will say.
as always,
I think you are the best.
If I had met you before anyone else
You would have loved me as in my dreams...
as I wish, right?
(If) once more...
(if) once more we were to be born and meet again,
next time, I want to be your number one.

Translation by Ed M. Translated from Anata no Ichiban ni Naritai, sung by Ruri Hoshino in Martian Successor Nadesico."Kyou wa boku wa anata no ichiban ni naritai, soshite itsudemo. Itsudemo anata ga ichiban yo. Zutto zutto zutto" :))

Taken from Anderson's Blog ~ I love the words...

Saturday, December 10, 2005

First puzzle done!!

Wow... it was done in 3 hours.. perhaps tomorrow would be better and faster... *but I looked at the label behind.. otherwise.. I think it could take me.. duno.. 10 hours??? or more??? hehehe..

Now I'm so exhausted 'cos by doing so.. I only managed to sleep for about 4.5 hours last nite... hiks hiks.. and today in MRT otw to office.. almost all the way standing up... hiks hiks...

But I feel very happy.. 'cos the puzzle is my son's favourite toys now... Buzz Light Year.. To Infinity and Beyond!!! - From Toy Story... And tomorrow is his b'day, that's why I die die must finish it asap.. and I plan to buy the frame today... *Actually I could buy it yesterday since I went to the same shop to do some shopping for staffs' Xmas presents.. but it never appeared in my mind that I would do much so for him.. hehehe...

Well... despite my tiredness.. I still wanna go for shopping lehhh... hahahaha... *not really.. but I wanna EATTTT... I miss 'My Bakmie'... hehehehehe... see then how lah...

Ok then... write 'til here.. cya again...

Friday, December 09, 2005


Oh yeah.. forgot one thing..

The thing for citizenship had been done half of it. Since last week, I was stressed thinking about the documents that was not here but finally, with my eldest sis's help, she managed to send it by Fedex last Friday and thanks to Fedex too that I manage to get it on Saturday afternoon.

Then on Monday morning, I managed to go down to see the notary. After the application, I managed to collect it this Wednesday morning and directly sent it to Indonesian embassy to be legalized. And next Monday it would be ready for collection.

Next step is next Wednesday. My hubby and I have to go down to Singapore Immigration Authority to make the Oath of loyalty and to make other necessary documents, such as new IC and passport.. Thank God that so far everything has been going on smoothly and hopefully I can get it without any problem arises...

Holiday is coming...

Still feel very tired after the exam.. Lack of sleep.. tidy up my messed cupboard, book-shelf.. and still lots more..

I bought 4 boxes of puzzle before the exam and waited for me to open and assembly.. hehehe... Everyday I wish that I got energy and time to do.. but there was always other things to do..

DVDs bought by my sis also waited for me to watch.. *Yesterday my son and I watched one.. ~Madagascar~

Karaoke and the microphones also waited for me to on..

Waaa... so much things to do... but so little time left..

Tonite I'm going to buy presents for my office staffs - each of us will draw the present during our Christmas celebration on 21st Dec. My colleague and I will buy it together.. Despite tiredness I still wanna do that.. hahahahaha....

And this Sunday is my son's bday celebration. Uncle will cook a sumptuous of Chinese meal at home.. which includes chilli crab.. blackpepper crab.. sweet and sour porkribs & pork.. fried chicken wing.. etc... wow.. just think of it.. my saliva is drooling.. hahahhahahaha....

And the worst part is.. I haven't thought of what present should I buy for my son... =P

Well.. see how then.. two weeks to Christmas... the joyous season for everyone!!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Exam this year has over...

Well.. cannot be happy too early.. There are many to go!!!

Next semester, I plan to take 2 classes and join in two exams altogether..

You know what?? I was only exciting on the time of registration for new classes... But when I was in it.. i feel like in hell =((( Especially when the exams are within a month.. weeks.. days...

While everybody is in holiday mood, we have to struggle to overcome our exams.. and it always happens during holiday times.. *sigh...

Next semester.. should be prepared better before the exams are coming!!! Jia You!!!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

busy busy day

well..these couples week been really hectic for me..since my friend in the office took off for holiday i have to cover for him, then my stupid friend at work really screw up his work and ends up i have to cover up for him as well..end up my work no one covering..and now..after everything back to normal, im the only one still got left behind and has to cover my late work...geezz..

actually i kinda regret as well..i passed a good opportunity for me to boss wants me to take a training for EDI..and since that time i was really busy..i said no and end up we decided to hire new guy for EDI..

and only recently i just realized..actually its a good opportunity for me to grow...since EDI is very important in business..god...i just hope i still have opportunity to take the training and be in charge for EDI, and let the new guy handle my job..hehehe

anyway, congratz for Reyka in getting the citizenship..and no need for you to worry too much about the sure 100% that if u call them and tell them that u need sometime to prepare the documents, they'll give u more time for the appointment

jia youu..and good luck for the exam! only couple days to go, just study hard for these couple days, and after that...yayyyy...*at least for couple weeks n months before the next exam, hahahaha

Change citizenship??

It's kinda big change in my life..

I was born in Indonesia, and lived there for 18 years old. Further my study in mainland for almost a year, then to land of nature for 3 and half years. And most of my time after that was spent here, back in Spore. I had my first job here, met my hubby here, gave birth here, and on and on... 4 years only..

Then I decided to apply for changing my nationality end June this year and just received the reply yesterday morning that I have actually been accepted to be a Singaporean.

After quite a long process... from applying EP for the first time and rejected.. applying for LPR then approved... getting a first job and had my PR with me.. and finally applying for this citizenship and getting approved as well.. it has not ended yet. I still have to go through the process of releasing my Indonesian nationality and entered to a new one by 2nd week of next month.

Now I am quite in trouble cos I don't have all the original documents with me and I have a very limited time to handle that all... I just hope that everything will go smoothly so that all my efforts and others too wont be wasted...
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