Wednesday, December 28, 2005

3 days to change to a new year

How time flies... X'mas has already over. No more holiday mood.. instead.. thinking of next week the school is start!!!! Hiks... 3rd Jan, the nightmare is begun.. *what a life... hahahahahaha...

One more long weekend.. then everything is back to normal.

This Christmas, I spent most of my time at home. On 26, I went to Orchard to have Indonesian's food - Ayam Penyet. I love it! The fried yellow kampong chicken with tahu and tempe, Rawon soup - one of my favorite soups, wow... wish that I could have it everyday...

Have planned to learn how to cook next month when I'll be back to Jakarta for 8 days. Hopefully I could learn some and practice it here or anywhere I stay. Nasi uduk, fried chicken, sambal terasi, rojak's sauce, asinan's sauce, soto, etc.. hopefully I got a chance to do so.

Hm... Chinatown has already been decorated with Chinese New Year's decorations. I guess they're quite 'kiasu' to do it only after the X'mas has over. Still have one occasion to go - Count down to New Year!!

One of my friends will have the count down in Las Vegas... hiks.. *how jealous I am!! When will I have a chance to do so?? Not in a lifetime!!

How about my past New Year?? Anything special?? Let me think!!!

I think my New Year passed as per normal, nothing special. Or maybe I couldn't remember... hehehe.. never mind.. as long as I'm still alive.. healthy.. happy.. it doesn't matter, does it?

Well.. perhaps my dream is.. to have a New Year countdown somewhere in Eiffel Tower in Paris, full with fireworks on the sky... =P I don't think I would have it in my entire life.. hahahaha....

OKlah.. stop dreaming and gotta go back to work now!!! Ciao

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