Thursday, December 01, 2005

busy busy day

well..these couples week been really hectic for me..since my friend in the office took off for holiday i have to cover for him, then my stupid friend at work really screw up his work and ends up i have to cover up for him as well..end up my work no one covering..and now..after everything back to normal, im the only one still got left behind and has to cover my late work...geezz..

actually i kinda regret as well..i passed a good opportunity for me to boss wants me to take a training for EDI..and since that time i was really busy..i said no and end up we decided to hire new guy for EDI..

and only recently i just realized..actually its a good opportunity for me to grow...since EDI is very important in business..god...i just hope i still have opportunity to take the training and be in charge for EDI, and let the new guy handle my job..hehehe

anyway, congratz for Reyka in getting the citizenship..and no need for you to worry too much about the sure 100% that if u call them and tell them that u need sometime to prepare the documents, they'll give u more time for the appointment

jia youu..and good luck for the exam! only couple days to go, just study hard for these couple days, and after that...yayyyy...*at least for couple weeks n months before the next exam, hahahaha

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