Thursday, December 01, 2005

Change citizenship??

It's kinda big change in my life..

I was born in Indonesia, and lived there for 18 years old. Further my study in mainland for almost a year, then to land of nature for 3 and half years. And most of my time after that was spent here, back in Spore. I had my first job here, met my hubby here, gave birth here, and on and on... 4 years only..

Then I decided to apply for changing my nationality end June this year and just received the reply yesterday morning that I have actually been accepted to be a Singaporean.

After quite a long process... from applying EP for the first time and rejected.. applying for LPR then approved... getting a first job and had my PR with me.. and finally applying for this citizenship and getting approved as well.. it has not ended yet. I still have to go through the process of releasing my Indonesian nationality and entered to a new one by 2nd week of next month.

Now I am quite in trouble cos I don't have all the original documents with me and I have a very limited time to handle that all... I just hope that everything will go smoothly so that all my efforts and others too wont be wasted...

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