Friday, December 09, 2005


Oh yeah.. forgot one thing..

The thing for citizenship had been done half of it. Since last week, I was stressed thinking about the documents that was not here but finally, with my eldest sis's help, she managed to send it by Fedex last Friday and thanks to Fedex too that I manage to get it on Saturday afternoon.

Then on Monday morning, I managed to go down to see the notary. After the application, I managed to collect it this Wednesday morning and directly sent it to Indonesian embassy to be legalized. And next Monday it would be ready for collection.

Next step is next Wednesday. My hubby and I have to go down to Singapore Immigration Authority to make the Oath of loyalty and to make other necessary documents, such as new IC and passport.. Thank God that so far everything has been going on smoothly and hopefully I can get it without any problem arises...

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