Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hm... Singaporean??

Yesterday was the officialy date for me becoming a Singaporean, although I haven't collected my pink IC yet.. Must wait 'til CDC is being held... then they will inform me where to go and only after the ceremony has been done then I can get my IC & Cert of Citizenship...
'bout the passport, I can collect it before end of this year... So exciting!!!! =P

After finished dealing with the Oath, I went to DFS in Scotts Road. I was entitled 25% disc by presenting my Employee ID for 2 days only (14&15 Dec'05). I bought 'Eternity Moment', a pack of the eau de parfum 100ml, lotion 100ml, and small tote bag, after discount for only $84. For me, it was a great deal.. The smell was sweet and it lasts quite long.. *I can still smell it on my cloth now =P I just bought it without thinking twice or comparing the price first with the other vendor =] *I am one of Eternity fans and quite loyal with it... kekekeke... I also bought some stuffs from Clinique and MAC.

Quite tiring day.. so we ended up at McD by sipping the ice tea and a cigarette... =P The feeling was really good... I know that smoke is bad for health.. but i just did it once in a while... and yesterday I feel very relaxing and 'shiok'.

December.. month of holiday and shopping too..
The things in my head now is the Sudoku game (looks like PDA). It costs $40, quite expensive hor??? May think about it again before buying.. hehehe..
Then, my IT colleague has helped me ordering the portable 80GB hard disk from Prestigio.. Must hand-in the money to him tomorrow... *hopefully I remember.. hehehe..
Hm.. must control my spending soon after... It's been deficit by then.. hiks hiks hiks...

Btw one of my best friend will finally get married this Sunday.. Although I couldn't attend her wedding, I just wish her and her husband-to-be to have a blissful marriage ever after... =)))
She is my senior high school friend. We were in the same class for three years and sit together in the same table for two years.. but she is much cleverer than me (number 1 in class, WOW!!!)
Just write in the Wedding card for her... ready to send in!!

Hm.... what a life!!
So many things around us.. Good and bad.. Happy and sad..
We just have to live with it and make sure our lives go on...

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