Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last day of year 2005

Today is the last day of the year 2005.

Well.. can't really remember what were the resolutions for year 2005, just could remember some.. I think, first, was to have another baby.. especially baby girl.. But after having some considerations.. we decided not to have one first.

Second, was to keep on studying. Better walk slow rather than not walking at all.. yeah.. I took only 1 paper last period and still dunno the result yet.. hopefully I could pass.. hiks hiks..

The rest, I forgot.. hehehe..

But last year, I have already done some things I would like to do.. such as converted the driving licenses (motor and car) from Indonesia driving license to S'pore one and also converted my nationality, which needed lots of efforts *and money too.. ;P

Last year, I could get a job too.. Quite suitable for the current situation, as the place is accessible from home and to anywhere.. Job's scopes were not that stressful so that I could still study on part time basis.. and the most important.. the colleagues were friendly.

How about year 2006's resolution then?? Hm.. let me think about it...

First.. to keep on studying.. no matter how stressful I would be (Next semester I'll take 2 classes and I knew that I will be struggling as I never studied the material before this... If I couldn't take it, perhaps I will only take one exam despite having 2 classes.

Second.. I must have a long holiday to the places I love to go.. Doesn't matter alone or with someone else.. but I need to relax and enjoy life for a while.. Go somewhere without a package tour, but rather having own adventure on where to go or what to do..

Third.. well.. actually I need to save more money.. but I think it's quite hard to do so.. since from the last year's experience.. what I've earned was not that much and what I spent was almost on what I've earned.. so at the end.. the saving is zero.. *sigh... Need to work on it..

Thinking of changing job? Not really.. perhaps not yet...

Fourth.. keep maintaining relationship with families, friends, etc. Already plan to go back to Jakarta on CNY. My brother and sisters are all going back and we'll meet each other then..
oh yeah.. just think of the fifth one.. learn how to cook Indonesian's dishes.. hehehe... who knows I could open a stall selling Indonesian's dishes.. ;P

I guess.. that's all for the moment.. My life is quite boring, isn't it???

Well.. gotta carry on with my job now.. Happy New Year everyone... Hope u have a new year's resolutions too... Ciao

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