Wednesday, January 04, 2006

First class yesterday

Today is 4th Jan'06. Yesterday I attended my first class of year 2006. I finished off work at 6pm and my class started at 6.45pm. So I rushed taking the train and walk there, and ate on the way to the class. The class was damn full!! Very much different with my previous class, which I condemned!!! ;P
4 presentation slides were put so that everybody can look at the notes written by the teacher. I think there was 100 over students in the 2-joined class.
The teacher was knownly good for this major, and he has teached for eleven years for the same subject and other subjects too.
He demanded us to be in class on time at 6.45pm (not started at 7+pm); short break time for only 10 mins (not 30+ mins); and the class over usually at 10pm (not 9.30pm).
Most students did not feel bored with his way of teaching as he always wanted us to participate while solving the calculation problems and lots of traps in his questions making us learning better. He also demanded us to read a lot in our own time and to do lots of questions before coming back for the next lecture. He motivated us at the very first lecture - he mentioned that the passing rate worldwide for last year was 20+%, in Singapore was 44%, and in the school I went to was 60+% - which includes full-time students, which mostly Chinese nationality and had lots of time to practice - unlike the part-time students.. so.. for us, part-time one, I guess, it's only about 10%-20% who can pass for the exam.. hahaha.. j/k
Aniwae... lots of logical thinking needed to solve the problem and I already think to spare my Saturday 'til evening time to study and practice.. *hopefully I can.. =P Must Jia you!!! *still not included the revision for another paper... hiks...
So.. there are new challenges this year.. and hopefully I could manage my time well..
Support me, guys!! ;P

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