Wednesday, January 18, 2006

So much in life

Hmm..reading your blog..i perfectly and truthfully understand what u meant and what you feel..
lots of times i feel that way as sux..whats the meaning of's boring..what should i do or what would i be in 10 years, etc etc etc
different people has different path in their life..some people's life might"seems" better than the other/us..but hey..there are so much things in life..are you really wanna sacrifice everything you have for your dream? Couple months ago, I'll support whoever dare to follow their dreams..just go for your dreams without regret!! live life to the fullest!!
but recently, a close friend of mine got really down coz of following her dreams..she even dare to leave her boyfriend who really loves her...
End up..even though she has new friends and old friends in new the end she still feels the end..she just realized..that no matter how good the dreams are..but if you're not with someone who you love, it will be only a nice and short dream..where you'll wake up and cry for leaving everything behind but you realized it's just too late..and you have to start all over again...
Lesson that i get from her careful with what you dream of..
when you reach for your dream..are you gonna be with someone you really love?
Love here not only meaning of boyfriend/husband/son...but as well as parents, friends, even food, tradition etc etc..
Seeing your blog reyka..what your life is, what your life will be...just keep remember..are you doing what you're doing with love?
If you're living only because you "have to", you will feel like that everyday until you're stressed better gather yourself..think for yourself..what are you doing everyday in your life right now? are all of those really worthed and even tho its hard, you're willing to do it?
people need or have to does that mean you'll wake up everyday feeling grumpy just because you have to work? dont you feel happy when you receive your salary?
in every thing that we do..there must be a reason why we do something even though it's hard..
some people still can endure the bitterness of life..
at some point, we might feel really cant stand it anymore..and from there..some people might run and escape, while some people will face it..and become stronger
so which one is you? =D

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