Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Still in holiday mood...

It's been a week since my last blog..
So many things happened during a week.

Saturday nite, my colleagues, sis, some other friends, and I went to Ministry of Sound. It was just opened for about a month and located near the hotel where I worked. We met at 8.15pm and waited for 45 mins till the door opened at 9pm.
We browsed around from one room to another and we sat at the '54', which play the 'Retro' music - back to the year 70's. The design is not bad.. but the music... wasn't fulfill our tastes.. So, after having the first drink.. we moved our butt to the 'Smoove', also known for its 'R&B'. More people to be found here.. but too bad, the room was too small and we were quite lucky that we found an empty table to be our base there... We stood for quite a while before we went out to the stage for dancing..
After dancing there, we moved to the Main Arena - known for its 20ft water curtain - and I feel more comfortable with the music there.. We were quite tired after that and decided to go to 'Pure', which has white ambiance for its floors, walls, sofa's.. which is quite unusual.. There was the only available big round bean bag for people to sit while the rest of the sofas were all reserved.. After waiting for a while, we managed to get a place to rest there.. Could sleep and rest there.. hehehe..
Having enough rest, we went back to the Main Arena and we danced much longer there.. There were bubles coming from the top.. which was quite fun..
And we went out at around 1.30am and reached home around 2am.
Well.. quite a nice experience.. but it was too crowded after 11pm and so many seats were reserved since the beginning.. which disadvantage those who came walk-in no matter how early they came.. I may be going back there again.. but not that fast.. perhaps.. in few years to come.. hahahahahhaha....

On Sunday, it was raining whole day in Singapore. It was a 'good day' for marriage.. It was my friend's wedding day in Jakarta, and also my husband's cousin wedding day in Singapore. After waking up at 12.30pm, I called up my friend and congrats him for his wedding. And at nite, I attended my husband's cousin's wedding dinner - she was one of the twins. The food was so so and it ended quite late.. (the food was only be started at 9pm - it was written at the card that the dinner started at 7pm, and finished at 11 plus - one of the bad habit of many Singaporean - coming late for wedding dinner.. )

On Monday, after work, I went home and having a steamboat dinner at 7 plus. Tuesday is public holiday, a Hari Raya Haji. So my husband invited his NS friends to home for the dinner and they only came at 11 plus at nite. I only sat there and watched TV while they were eating as I was quite full already.. I made a rujak sauce too that nite and ate some fruits with it.
After 'supper' session, the drink session then started. They drank starting from beer.. then Vodka Currant, some Vodka Apple, then Martell.. They drank till drunk and went home around 3.40am that nite.. A couple had gone home at 1am 'cos one of them need to work the day after.. and some went home at 3am. Me? I went to bed after they all went back home and fell asleep not long after..

On Tuesday I woke up at 12pm. Took out clothes from hanger then folded it and put it in the cupboard. Next, clean the mess from last nite and last, cooked fried rice using some leftover ingredients from last nite.. After having a full-bowl of it, I fell asleep again at 3.30pm.. hahaha...
and we had another steamboat at dinner time.. and another rujak with star-fruits and jambu..
Wa... getting fatter and fatter now... Need to control already!! Chinese New Year is coming!! Another two week plus, we will fly to Jakarta.. Hope it is not flooding there... hiks...

Well.. gotta back to work now!!! Ciao everyone!!!

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