Tuesday, February 28, 2006

3 months to go

24 hours a day seems like never be enough.. now i know that kind of feeling...
Well.. now i'm taking 2 paper and plan to take two exams this June. Dunno whether I am prepared for it or not.. 'Cos the papers that I take combine both calculation and theory.. I hate theory.. =(((
Now only left 3 months before the exam. And every week I have to attend two classes each week, which is on Tuesday and Thursday, then there is workshop this upcoming Saturday and next Saturday (each from 2 to 6pm), and worst, I have to go to the dentist appointment, which needs few days to attend =(
Some Saturday and Sunday I have to come for the make up classes.. then there is my friend's daughter one-month celebration in one of the Sunday.. and to meet my friend who will come from Jakarta.. and many more.. And most importantly.. i have not enough time to play with my son.. =(((
Everytime I want to take leave, that's always on my mind.. But I want to save my leave for my long holiday.. =((( so.. endure and see how far can I go.. =P
Well.. just hope that there is always enough time for me to do this all and life won't be that stressfull to me...

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