Tuesday, February 07, 2006


What people say may true
To love not always to have
and to have not always to love

Of course it would be better to have the one u love
But most of the time it would not be the case

What would you feel when u started losing someone u love?
No matter fast or slow, it will be gone one day
Some people want it slow, but some want it fast move
In the end both will go the same way

For me personally, I will be happy when someone I love is happy with his/her life
Doesn't mean that he/she must live together with me
Just to know that they are happy and continuing their life made me happy too (*liar.. hahahaha..) hm.. hm.. aiyah.. not really lah..
Imagine if I love 100 people, does that mean I have to live with 100 of them?? Non sense, rite?

Well.. cannot be sad.. must cheer up.. and carry on with life
So many things to do..
Life is not always be miserable.. but to have fun too
Losing people you love is something that everyone will always face, me for example.. hahaha..
Clubbing once in a while.. Gathering with friends.. And most important thing.. to be too healthy is not a good idea.. hahaha... 'cos I will be left behind when I 'm old one day.. so.. since I'm not a full time smoker, I can have my liquor to make my life happier then... =))

Yeah.. just pile up my stock of Vodka
I have Original, Vanilla, Peach, Kurrant, Citron, and Raspberry, left the Orange one.
Dunno how many bottles have I finished previously. Still remember my favourite Malibu..
If I collect them, perhaps there were about my toilet size.. hahahaha...

There are many invitations this month.. Perhaps I need to join the crowd and donate some of my collection to the party.. haiheihiaheihaiehiae.... well.. perhaps... ;P

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