Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Go & come back w/ ur Master degree.. Bonne chance!

Yesterday nite after class, my hubby fetched me to the airport directly from school to meet my faraway best friend. She was there for transiting only for few hours. Actually she invited me for joining her dinner with other friend when I was in class, but I really couldn't make it, so only after finishing the class then I 'd be able to see her.
We just had a chat less than half an hour before she went in to the immigration.
It was a short conversation but I'm very glad of meeting her again.
This time, her journey there is to finish her paper and hopefully to get her Master degree back home. Wish her really a very good luck and I'm glad for her advancement. Hopefully the degree is really useful for her future life.
It isn't easy to maintain a friendship, especially when the people is very far away from where we are. Thanks to the electronic advancement that nowadays we have an e-mail, friendster, msn messenger, skype, and so on. Without it, the slow letter and expensive call will be the only media to keep in touch.
For me, I hope I could maintain the friendship with my friends all around the world. Seldom contact doesn't mean no friendship between us. Even the long lost friend can be found, by friendster, and to get to know a good friend and suitable companion is not that easy too..
So... would you start to contact ur long lost friend now? Guarantee, there are many things to talk about and the feeling was wonderful... =)))

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