Friday, March 10, 2006


Very very very very sleepy..
These few days I really hadn't slept enough.. Very tired and sleepy..
Yesterday in the class, first hour I almost fell asleep. My brain couldn't think much.
This morning, i felt like continuing sleeping. But I can't.. so I still had to wake up and prepared myself to work. After a cup of orange juice, it was all fine but now.. I am sleepy again...
I don't know why I found myself so restless nowadays. Even though sometimes I got time to rest, I didn't use it to rest, but went out to do something I wanted, as if there would be no tomorrow. Was it my personality that I should stay restless and won't waste up time in life? Couldn't be sure.. But i feel really exhausted with all my activities. Next week and next next week would be another busy and tiring weeks.. Everytime in my mind, I wanted to take leave.. just a day.. but then.. I can't use up my leave too much.. =((( I hate restriction.. but I had to be like this or else.. no long holiday in Aug. So much sacrifice for it.. hopefully I can stand it..
Feel very tired too in the office. Perhaps my eyes couldn't stop seeing and my brain couldn't stop reacting.. Wish I could have a long break just to take a rest, sleep and again.. have enough rest.. Quit working??? No, no.. not a good idea.. but it's actually leading to having a really good rest at home.. but no income.. hahaha..
Well .. life o life.. either u continue or give up.. and i will never give up.. for whatever right and choices I have..

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