Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Life is a process
You will meet different people in different places
Life is about self-control, self-learning
It is a continuous and never ended process
Life is too bad to be wasted
'Cos we'll have only one life
Life is beautiful in good or bad situation
'Cos there is always a reason behind it
Life is never perfect and never fair
That's the truth of life
Life is never I or me
But us or them
I hope I can still continue learning whenever possible and find the meaning of life

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

When u told me that u'll be there, it remains me the time I was staying there and remains me how bitter I felt once I came back and knew about ur new relationship with another person.
It may be different situations now that we both adults but it doesn't stop the possibility of you getting to know more people and perhaps someone that may be suitable with you.
I don't know.. like u said, I supposed to be as exciting as you are.. but i didn't feel that. Worry of losing is what I felt, 'cos u'll discover bigger area.. more people..
But thinking about d past again, we're really cute, 'cos we've met in many different countries of the world, visiting one and another.. that not many people would encounter in this life.
No matter what.. just follow ur heart where u wanna go. Aniwae, I just can support u from ur back.. and be happy in anything that u do, even if it means i may lose u. But again, just thinking d old quotes.. if it's urs, it's urs.. if it isn't then it won't be urs.. Maybe above there has planned something better for our lives.. that we always try to discover.
Good luck!!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Everyday I wanna be happy.. difficult??

Lately, I found that the working environment is not that great again. I was used to be alone when it comes with avoiding the gossip in office, 'cos truthfully, I don't like to be involved in any gossip session and, especially, being gossiped by others. Only after recently, when the IT Mgr was allocated to sit beside me, then it indirectly involves me in their conversation, which may cause others not to feel happy about it.
Recently, I got a salary adjustment, in which the amount I got was quite high, and unfortunately, quite lots of colleagues knew about it although it supposed to be a confidential information, and it causes jealousness towards me, who have just worked here for about a year plus.
Today, my colleague is on sick leave and only after she got sick, then her sup started to think whether her portion of job is too much or not.. a bit too late, am i right? But again, I don't want to interfere so much as even I knew it, I can't do anything about it.
Some were eyeing me to cover another colleague's duty when she was not around. For me, I don't mind to learn something new as long as it benefits me in the future's job. I mean... I work here now but it doesn't mean that I will work here forever... or for that long period of time like some other people do. Now I study account although I'm not sure myself whether I will work in account in the future. But, why not? I just knew that I love math since I was young and burn my brain a little bit would do if I still can earn enough money to continue living on in this world. I mean, I would do anything to be able to get a proper job, in any company that would like to accept me. I have a positive attitude towards work, so I'm not afraid in anything when it comes to job. I just don't like the environment where people stab behinds me, laugh at me, talk about me, just because they envy about me.
Now, I just can tell myself to be happy about what I have, and show it to them.. that.. yes.. money is important.. but for me.. working with good money but lousy environment... huh.. i can't be bothered with it.
I got this quote below from somewhere..
"Work, as if you don't need money...
Love, as if you've never been hurt..
Dance, as if nobody can see you..
Sing, as if no one can hear..
And live, as if the earth was heaven..."
The first sentence would be suitable for me now. I want her to know.. for me.. work is only to get enough for living. For me.. work is supposed to be enjoyment and it's good when we treat each other as a family, and not an enemy. And I also want her to know.. for me.. money is not everything. I still have other things that satisfied my life, not just money alone.
So please.. I don't know if you or anyone else read this.. don't get jealous with me over money or attention, 'cos yes, I'm very grateful that finally got someone who look at me *perhaps, pity me?? hahaha.. , and I want to thank my boss for everything that she has done to me.. but my life will still go on.. here.. or anywhere else in this part of the world. I prefer to find more friends than enemies in life.. If you treat me as ur enemy, then it's fine for me.. I just need to keep a distance from you.. but I hope you won't jealous more over what I got, 'cos I expect you to get happy while working too... Well.. not my problem anyway.. it's all up to an individual.
For me.. I want people know that I'm always be happy.. *maybe.. try to always be happy.. although I didn't or disappointed over something.. But to be happy is my goal in life now.. not to be great person.. not to be successful person.. but to be happy with what i have...

Friday, April 21, 2006

Yeahhh... weekend is coming!!!

Always happens
when it's time to suffer, others are enjoying their times..
Don't need to envy.. 'cos we all have different goals in life
Anyway.. today is Friday!!! Tomorrow I'll have to work and study.. and I'll have a class on Sunday too.. Well.. fun... must enjoy.. hahahahahaha...
While I'm busy.. you can have fun.. it's alright.. don't worry about me..
Next week it seems to be a very busy week... FHA, Secretaries week, my friend came to town.. and many more things to do.. Gonna skip classes too.. *too bad..
What else? wait a minute.. munch a fererro rocher first... it's the second one i have had since this morning... hehehe... and i'm not the only one who is sleepy now after having lunch.. kekekeke... hope it helps!
Two good news I heard recently. First, my colleague, his wife is pregnant 5 weeks already.. and second, my good friend, his wife is pregnant 5 weeks too... both is longing for the first baby to come!! I'm happy for them. Hope that both babies can be bornt healthy and cute... =) boy or girl doesn't matter.. rite?
Well.. gotta do some work now.. lunch time has over almost half an hour already.. kekekeke... ttyl guys... muachhh

Thursday, April 20, 2006

What happen with me????

Better stop worrying!!! And start doing something about it!!!
Dunno what happened with myself. I feel myself wasting time again and again. These few days, well.. perhaps these few weeks.. I 've been pampering myself by using my time of taking lots of rest. Last long weekend I kept sleeping and eating all the time and till today, I'm still doing the same things over and over again. End up, now I start worrying about my coming exam, which is about 5-6 weeks more!!! This is the worst ever!!! I can't understand fully about the topic. Perhaps it was just too much for me.. and so far the teacher gave less exercise and more theoritical things and the way he made the notes really made me giving up with this course.. =((
I feel sad though.. perhaps it's only my reasons of not studying or even reading it when I have time. Last December, my excuse was.. holiday season.. no mood to study, rather mood to have a X'mas & New year holiday plus all those sales everywhere in the city.
And this time.. perhaps i will blame it on the weather.. *raining weather made me sleep comfortably in my bedroom. Pffff......... I should do something.. but when???? I just kept worrying all the time!!!
Today, I even forgot to bring all important notes that will be used in the class! Yesterday nite I slept early but this morning, I don't even remember to bring all those required notes!!! Dunno what to do later in the class.. =(((( Hopefully the notes are enough for the rest of the class if i took it one more...
Pffffff.................. just wanna bang my head to the wall and to forget everything about duty of exam!
If i fail this time... please forgive me.. I just can't bring myself into this. =( sorry...

Don't judge the book by its cover!

Just now I read my colleague's blog from friendster.
Well.. I'm not so close with her, but judging from her appearance, she is a very quiet, shy type gal who doesn't talk much, but when I read her blog.. looks like 'tebaling' one.. hahahaha... really can't believe that was her!
She mentioned f*** words for many2 times and the personality seems very different.
Actually there were lots of people like that.
From outside, they look very calm, mature, quiet, but inside was the other way around. The way they think, they do.. very very different.. hahaha..
Well.. perhaps I was one of them. But maybe from other angles.. even my best friend, when she knew the real me.. she was very surprised too.. Life o life.. there is always the other side that you don't want many people to know.. but eventually the fact is always there!!!
So, when u look for friend, or bf/gf, know the person inside out.. and don't just judget the book by its cover 'cos u might be surprise too when u know the real person inside!!!

How romantic...

" I just want you to know
I will remember
for the rest of my days,
how you helped me find
some happiness and some truths and
how you opened some beautiful doors.
I'll never forget
how good it was
to share a part of my life
with yours " - Collin McCarty

I just quoted from my friend's testimonial in friendster.
When I read on it.. I felt so touched with its words.
Just thinking how can words be arranged this way..
feel very romantic kind of emotion,
how deep each word means towards this person.

Just think.. if i ever done something towards someone too,
that can create those beautiful words and made me touch ever...

Monday, April 17, 2006


From Oxford dictionary:
Persist (v) : to continue to do sth, esp with determination and in spite of difficulty, opposition, argument or failure.
Persistence (n) : continuing to do sth in spite of difficulties.
Persistent (adj) : refusing to give up.

I knew some people in my life who being persistent in their lives. I admire their personalities in this. No matter in work, study, friendship, or even in love life.
No matter how difficult the situation is, no matter how much failure they have faced before, despite of those, they still never give up in giving or attaining or reaching for their goal in life.
I admit.. I am lack of this quality very very much.. I find that I gave up so easily once I found out that I surely couldn't make it or the situation made it so.
And I believe in one thing.. with their persistences, they may get what they long for, although it seems impossible in the first place.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Boring!! =(

Feeling bored now..
although today is Friday..
Kinda dun believe.. haha..
My throat is soooo itchy..
Til my friend bought me Fisherman's Wharf & Golden Throat
Still many things to do..
anyway, got dinner appointment later
Right after work.. hehehe..
Hopefully d rest of d day will be brighter
And no more boredom!!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Kenangan yang terindah by Samsons

aku yang lemah tanpamu
aku yang rentan karena
cinta yang tlah hilang darimu
yang mampu menyanjungku

selama mata terbuka
sampai jantung tak berdetak
selama itu pun
aku mampu tuk mengenangmu

darimu, kutemukan hidupku
bagiku, kau lah cinta sejati

bila yang tertulis untukku
adalah yang terbaik untukmu
kan kujadikan kau kenangan
yang terindah dalam hidupku
namun takkan mudah bagiku
meninggalkan jejak hidupku
yang telah terukir abadi
sebagai kenangan yang terindah

Gotta know this song from my friend last nite. Well, he actually didn't know about this song too, but he found it out from his friend.. Hehehe.. So I tried to find the song last nite and managed to get it.. =)
Not bad.. the song is one of the types that I like..
The meaning.. is awesome too..
Perhaps, I'm in the mood of singing.. Just sang this afternoon while sitting in my office chair.. hahaha.. while others went for lunch...
K then.. time to work again now... Byeeee

Monday, April 03, 2006


Finally... we had our lunch at Brewerkz... =) On April's Fool Day..
Pui Yi and I tried the Rib-eye steak.. very nice and juicy.. My sis shared it with me. The pizza was so so, but I like the skin.. crispy.. We had blueberry beer *1 jug for 3, but the taste was so so.. The weather was damn hot and no wind, that's why we finished up our lunch quite early.
Pui Yi and I went to Bugis while my sis went to my bro's home.
Walk, walk and walk in Bugis. We went to temple first for praying then to market for window shopping. In the evening, we met our colleague and asked him to catch the 'Stitch' handphone strip for Pui yi.. and Yes!! He managed to get it.. =))) otherwise... kekekekeke....
On Sunday afternoon, I went to my bro's house to collect things brought over by his father and mother in law.. and reached home around 3pm?? Talked w/ my friend on the phone for almost 2 hours or more? then slept at 8pm, woke up at 11pm, and slept again at 1am.
How fast time goes... Haven't studied at all for my exam.. =(((
Hopefully this month I can use my time wisely and spare some time for reading.. hiks... 2 months to go to exam!!!
Well.. write till here.. gotta having lunch soon.. Ciao!!!
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