Monday, April 03, 2006


Finally... we had our lunch at Brewerkz... =) On April's Fool Day..
Pui Yi and I tried the Rib-eye steak.. very nice and juicy.. My sis shared it with me. The pizza was so so, but I like the skin.. crispy.. We had blueberry beer *1 jug for 3, but the taste was so so.. The weather was damn hot and no wind, that's why we finished up our lunch quite early.
Pui Yi and I went to Bugis while my sis went to my bro's home.
Walk, walk and walk in Bugis. We went to temple first for praying then to market for window shopping. In the evening, we met our colleague and asked him to catch the 'Stitch' handphone strip for Pui yi.. and Yes!! He managed to get it.. =))) otherwise... kekekekeke....
On Sunday afternoon, I went to my bro's house to collect things brought over by his father and mother in law.. and reached home around 3pm?? Talked w/ my friend on the phone for almost 2 hours or more? then slept at 8pm, woke up at 11pm, and slept again at 1am.
How fast time goes... Haven't studied at all for my exam.. =(((
Hopefully this month I can use my time wisely and spare some time for reading.. hiks... 2 months to go to exam!!!
Well.. write till here.. gotta having lunch soon.. Ciao!!!

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