Thursday, April 20, 2006

What happen with me????

Better stop worrying!!! And start doing something about it!!!
Dunno what happened with myself. I feel myself wasting time again and again. These few days, well.. perhaps these few weeks.. I 've been pampering myself by using my time of taking lots of rest. Last long weekend I kept sleeping and eating all the time and till today, I'm still doing the same things over and over again. End up, now I start worrying about my coming exam, which is about 5-6 weeks more!!! This is the worst ever!!! I can't understand fully about the topic. Perhaps it was just too much for me.. and so far the teacher gave less exercise and more theoritical things and the way he made the notes really made me giving up with this course.. =((
I feel sad though.. perhaps it's only my reasons of not studying or even reading it when I have time. Last December, my excuse was.. holiday season.. no mood to study, rather mood to have a X'mas & New year holiday plus all those sales everywhere in the city.
And this time.. perhaps i will blame it on the weather.. *raining weather made me sleep comfortably in my bedroom. Pffff......... I should do something.. but when???? I just kept worrying all the time!!!
Today, I even forgot to bring all important notes that will be used in the class! Yesterday nite I slept early but this morning, I don't even remember to bring all those required notes!!! Dunno what to do later in the class.. =(((( Hopefully the notes are enough for the rest of the class if i took it one more...
Pffffff.................. just wanna bang my head to the wall and to forget everything about duty of exam!
If i fail this time... please forgive me.. I just can't bring myself into this. =( sorry...

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