Tuesday, April 25, 2006

When u told me that u'll be there, it remains me the time I was staying there and remains me how bitter I felt once I came back and knew about ur new relationship with another person.
It may be different situations now that we both adults but it doesn't stop the possibility of you getting to know more people and perhaps someone that may be suitable with you.
I don't know.. like u said, I supposed to be as exciting as you are.. but i didn't feel that. Worry of losing is what I felt, 'cos u'll discover bigger area.. more people..
But thinking about d past again, we're really cute, 'cos we've met in many different countries of the world, visiting one and another.. that not many people would encounter in this life.
No matter what.. just follow ur heart where u wanna go. Aniwae, I just can support u from ur back.. and be happy in anything that u do, even if it means i may lose u. But again, just thinking d old quotes.. if it's urs, it's urs.. if it isn't then it won't be urs.. Maybe above there has planned something better for our lives.. that we always try to discover.
Good luck!!!

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