Monday, July 03, 2006

Kiss Goodbye

Baby, don't cry again
How familiar this scene is
Hold your hands tight
You and I don't wish to part
Everytime when I want to say something
It is better to just stay silent
Give me one minute to really appreciate your beauty

Sorrow accompanies felicity
Both crosses in my heart in the mean time
The tears of frustation cannot test the weight of love
The love that I gave out cannot be collected back
I can't give you the love that I still owe you
Don't take away my heart too, following you

Everytime I am separated from you
I'm deeply defeated by you
Everytime I give up your tender
It is so painful that I cannot resolve the feeling
Everytime I am separated from you
Everytime I kiss you goodbye
The taste of love, I finally understand to its fullest at this moment

translation of Kiss Goodbye by Wang Lee Hom

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