Friday, July 14, 2006

Today.. rest day (Thursday)

Today I'm not going anywhere. This morning I woke up at 8.30am to prepare American breakfast for my friend and her flatmate.. fried eggs, sausages, bacon, and bread with eggs.. hehehe.. not bad.. with orange juice to complete the meal =)
Then, washing up.. taking a shower, washing clothes and drying it up. While waiting, I downloaded my photos taken few days ago to my new laptop =), the one I'm using it right now.
It's 12pm now.. gotta be ready for cooking lunch 'cos I asked my friend to come home for lunch today as my gratitute for giving me permission staying here with her. Thanks, Yul!!
Only simple fried rice, hope u enjoy it.. hahahaha...
Later.. maybe put my pics on the fs, then having a nap before cooking anohter simple dinner for tonite.. hehehe... write till here then.. Ciao!

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