Friday, September 08, 2006

Annual D&D

Tonite we'll have our company annual D&D. This year theme is Costume Masquerade Nite. All must wear a mask (like in the olden days). At first, I don't feel exciting at all. Perhaps, they prepare it discreetly, duno what is all about. But slowly, I came to know what all is about.. and since yesterday people busy preparing their mask. Some bought it outside, and some made it themselves. And today is the day.. There will be 4 team performing on a stage (competition) plus EXCO member (they will dance in the beginning of the show =))
It differs from last year for what I feel.. (perhaps b'cos it was my first year working here) and just think that.. if I wear nice, who cares?? I don't think anybody cares on what I wear, how do I look, and so on.. so I just join them for fun.. There will be lots of prizes too.. and the top 20 prizes are really great!! (Not all, though..), but no use lah.. like I said previously in my blog, I don't have this type of luck.. perhaps like last year.. I will only win $20 NTUC voucher, which is good enough for me, 'cos I can use it to buy fruits, or anything else.. =)))
Times up! Gotta go down to swap my card and prepare for my cloth and make up.. Ciao.. will let u know how was it tomorrow.. =) Ciao!!!

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