Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Back to office...

Today, I'm going back to the office..
Many people asked me how am I doing.. thank you for all of ur attention and care.. Dunno if I should be happy or sad that lots of them knew about my disappearance yesterday.
I feel better but still not recover yet. This morning I got choke when drinking water and I felt very terrible w/ my cough.. but now I feel better.. Taking my medicine at 9am and now I feel very sleepy... but of course, I can't sleep here... I hope there is no side effect of taking medicine w/ an empty stomach... =P
About my paper, I don't think I will take an exam this December. Dun have any mood to study at all.. And I only left w/ half day leave for this year, kinda not enough to prepare myself before exam or maybe will be taken up if I took a revision class.. So.. I think I will miss the exam opportunity this end of the year.. *too bad oh???
My mom is here since Monday bringin' my eldest aunt to see doctor. My hubby and son are in Jakarta right now. My mom supposed to accompany them and take care of my son while they were there, but suddenly it's just happened out of plan and she has to come here.
Many people I know are coming here to S'pore this week. My school friend from LA, my friend's mom and sis from NZ, etc. I don't think I will meet them, 'cos their time is limited and I dun feel very well as well.. (scared that I can transfer my cough to their son and daughter). So, I just hope I can recover fast so that I can have a normal life again.. *normal??? ;P
This afternoon, there will be monthly Staff Comm and there will be celebration for those who are having b'day this month, and staff anniversary too.. I was invited to the session.. So later I'm joining them for the Comm session at 3.30pm.
Feel very very very sleepy... hope I don't fall aslept... hopefully nope.. not now... =)
Write till here then.. Ciao

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