Sunday, September 10, 2006


Hello... D&D.. Like what I've told u in my previous blog.. I don't win any Top 20 lucky draw.. but my colleagues from Finance & IT won it!! Even the 1st and 2nd prizes were both won buy them!! Congratulations for both of you.. Now you got a chance to clear ur leave and fly w/ less expense... *how good their lives are!! hehehehe... One won ticket & hotel stay at Tokyo, Japan, and another one won ticket & hotel stay at Sydney, Australia.

Overall, I don't really feel good w/ everything.. (not b'cos of the prizes.. not at all..), but w/ myself.. There was something wrong w/ me.. and there was only one moment that made me feel very happy... =))) (won't let u all know about it.. hahahhahahaha.... dunno if anybody felt it or not... just wonder.. ;P)

One of my colleagues drank quite a lot and became quite high. She kept taking pics w/ everyone (perhaps she knew it would be her last D&D in the hotel).. well.. it might be my last D&D at the hotel as well... nobody knows what will happen in the future, right?? Just a feeling of me saying so. After the shows finished at 11pm, I straightly went back home, alone, taking MRT & bus.. reaching home perhaps 11.50pm?? Can't really remember.. and I just went online.. browsing things to make me forgot what had happened.. to make me feel better.. I think I went to bed around 3am..

Today my hubby and son went to Jakarta. I fetched them to the airport this morning and just now received sms from him telling him that they have reached there...
I will sleep alone for 2 weeks.. kekekekeke.... lonely... I'm Mrs. lonely... I have nobody... all on my own... o o o o ... kekekekekke.. just kidding..

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