Monday, September 04, 2006

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I like to write in a diary since I was young. My sis who started it first, and continuously, I followed. But nowadays, I don't have any diary with me anymore. Instead, I just write in my blog what I feel, although not exactly what I really feel 'cos sometimes I have something in mind that I can't reveal to public, since I dunno, who are the readers of my blog.
Not many people know about my blog.. But still, for me, blog is important for me. I don't expect somebody to read it everyday.. or must read it or whatever it is.. It' s just a media for me to share my feelings. If you don't read it, it's fine for me. I just want to record what has happened, what I feel, just for sharing, and nothing else.
I like to read other people's blog too.. 'cos from there, I can figure up what type of person he/she is, what activities they are doing everyday, what kind of feeling they have when they write their blog, and I can learn other people's lives too and experience different style of lives. It's very interesting. I read their blogs, not because I'm kaypoh.. but I like to know what they're thinking.. and anyway, I won't tell anybody else about who this person who was writing this blog, what has happened to them.. I mean.. not for gossiping type of purpose.. but only for my self. That's all! Sometimes I quote what they have written in their blog, because I found it very interesting or really what I felt too at that time.. so.. don't worry.. I'm not the type of person who will blab around to tell the whole world who are you, what do you do, what has happened with u, etc. I just read it for my own.
About weekend, I spent my whole Friday evening with my ex-colleague. We ate bratwurst at PS from 7 to 9pm, and had gelato as well as a dessert =)
We talked things about our jobs, our other ex-colleagues, etc. and on Saturday, when I went to pasar malam near my house, I met another ex-colleague. She fills and wrap up otak there. We had a small chit chat and really glad to meet her again, 'cos the last time I met her, perhaps 2 years ago? Then I lost her. She said she has been working w/ the boss since Hari Raya.. and she also mentioned that one stall that sells nasi lemak was opened by another ex-colleague's husband, who does catering and open stall in hawker centre.. what a small world.
We bought the otak from her and guess what? She gave us discount... hehehe.. Thanks a lot!! Didn't expect it at all!! =D
Yesterday was my sis's b'day and we had lunch (Indo food) at Orchard. The pempek is very nice, I love it very much, but I couldn't eat much, 'cos I feel like having a cough soon.. I ate ketoprak *the taste from the one sold using the cart on the street outside my home is still much better than this one.. hehehe.. but still better than nothing la... They also sell bihun bakso.. hm.. very nice.. the bakso was quite big and tasty.. maybe if I go there again, I will eat their bihun bakso and pempek..
Another 2.5 weeks and I'll go back home.. Hope that I will get a chance to eat things I want there.. =))))
Oklah.. gotta start work now... hehehe... Ciao!!!

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