Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sick.... =((

I've been sick for more than a week. Sore throat and a kind.. Tried to cure it myself by drinking more water, but no use... Yesterday it got worse.. so I decided to see doctor after work. After checking my throat, nose, and listen to the lung, he said I had throat infection and he gave me sick leave today.. He gave me antibiotic pills and asked me to finish it. There were cough syrup, and flu pills as well, that could make me drowsy.. So after going back home, I had my dinner, took a bath, took the medicine and I went to sleep at 8pm. Before that, I smsed my colleague, asking her to let my boss know that tomorrow I'll be on sick leave, 'cos I was afraid if I slept late and couldn't inform it myself. So I really felt asleep after taking those medicine and woke up at 5am for going to toilet and slept again till 8.30am this morning.. wow.. really can't imagine that I've slept that long.. 'cos the day before that, I couldn't fall asleep 'cos I kept coughing and only slept at around 3am. This afternoon I fell aslept too for few times, but in shorter period.. and now I'll sleep again.. (11.15pm now..). I just hope I can recover soon.. so I can enjoy the BBQ steamboat this Saturday and can drink w/ my friend too at nite.. hehehe... Oklah.. take care.. don't let urself get sick like me.. OK? Take care!!! Ciao

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