Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sleepy, tired...

Again??? OMG!!! =D
Seems like I feel tired almost everyday!! =(((
Nolah.. I didn't feel very well lately.. Since 2 weeks ago actually.. Starting w/ coughing.. Now, I think I start having flu.. 'cos of taking bath at middle of the nite few days ago... and duno y, I couldn't sleep well these few nights... Just hope that I could recover soon before I'm going back my hometown.

Got bad news last Saturday. My mom called me and told me that my father's friend's son was killed and my eldest sis updated the news telling us that he was hanged by the tree. The newspaper wrote that the car that he drove was in awful conditions. The tyres were torn, the body of the car was so bad too. He was the only son that his parents has and he was planning of getting married soon in November. My father went to see his friends for few times and helped him w/ the process of burning his bodies and all the prayers needed. He was only 30 years old. I couldn't imagine, what was he thinking when he was killed that night. Who will he think of? His parents? His wife to be? And how sad and suffer he was 'cos nobody helped him in the time when he needed it. I just couldn't understand why other people wanted to finish his life.. finish other people's lives, dream, hope.. His parents were fainted many times and so did his wife to be.. I dunno him and never met him before, but hearing the news made my heart so painful.

Some people was so stupid wanting him/herself die b'cos of broken heart, failure, etc. Don't they think how their parents feel when it happens?? Not only death could make them disappointed, but also many things we do that can make them very disappointed.. Of course we don't want them to be disappointed, do we??? They have raised us since we were bornt 'til now, no matter we've got married or still single, they will always support us morally and materially as long as they can. *Sigh.. Now I am a parent too and I hold the responsible to take care of my son, the one that I gave birth to.. Just hope to give the best I can to him..

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