Thursday, September 07, 2006

sOre tHroAt

Haiyah... It started 5 days ago.. I felt something wrong w/ my throat.. itchy.. and dry..
Not enough liquid in my body.. made my body heaty.. and once there was a liquid, I was drinking fresh coconut liquid.. cold one.. no wonder laaaa... =P
Now I keep coughing and feel itchy on my throat... All I can do is to drink more liquid these few days (although it means I have to go to toilet more often), and yesterday I bought Strepsils to make my throat feeling better.. and less talk, of course.. =D
I still can communicate w/ people faraway from me.. through chatting.. not necessarily talking on the phone.. if only the other party is available for online too..
Hey.. you know what?? Yesterday I bought 'angkung' - in Hokkian, which is a series of Doraemon's dolls. It consists of Nobita, Shizuka, Giant, Suneo, Doraemon, and the Dinosaur (total 6 pcs - Doraemon Adventure Series), and it costs me not little money... =P
Live is only once.. don't u think after I died, then it only people buy for me to be put in my graveyard?? Better not.. So now, while I still can afford it (although quite expensive), I finally bought it.. =P
Another dream to be realised is to have my own showcase cupboard to put all my things inside.. I'm not a collector freak, but I have few things to be displayed and it always be my dream..
I can't have my own house, not at the moment, and even if I do, I don't think there will be big spaces in the living room (u know lah.. the government's house here is getting smaller and smaller), so.. it can only be my dream lor.... To put my doraemon thing inside... mini alcohol bottles, which I bought in US, my Absolut collection too.. hehehe.. etc...
What else ya?? Tomorrow D&D is coming.. It'll start at 6.30pm for the cocktail.. Still duno what to wear.. and I think I just go w/ the flow.. and the mood.. anyway.. dun feel very well w/ my own health, but does anybody know whether beer will be good for sore throat??? haiehaiehiahiehaieae.. 'cos I have 5 'beer' coupons w/ me.. (dun think I'll have it all for me.. I'll share laaa... OK??) Write till here everyone... Ciao

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