Friday, September 29, 2006

Tiger time!!!

Yesterday after finishing work, my two colleagues and I went to Lau Pa Sat for a free food & drink.. hehehe... Kopitiam was celebrating its 10th Anniversary and Tiger Beer was sponsoring the event. Carol & her cousin went to one of the Tiger Beer promotion event before this and her cousin was posted about this event through email and that's why we could be there to enjoy. The event started at 7pm. There were lots of finger food provided, roasted meat, fruits, satay, and mooncake. The drink, of course, Tiger Beer, was provided free all you can.. I couldn't remember how many jugs we were given.. I think there was about 5 jugs for 5 of us. I couldn't remember how much I drank too.. but I was still fine and not drunk. It was fun. Carol was participating one of the game, which was trying to guess the filling of the different mooncake provided. There were total 4 mooncakes given and the funniest thing is that.. Carol said one of the mooncake's filling was 'Salted Egg'. Hahahahhaha... I never heard that there is a mooncake filled w/ salted egg before.. But at least she dared to participate... and her cousin and I were supporting her from faraway.. hahahhaa... We ate, drank, and finally went back home around 9pm and share the Taxi (since we stay nearby).
Today is Carol's last day in the office (after 8 years working in the company). I think we are all a bit sad of her leaving.. But again.. life must go on.. This thing is all unavoidable. Me, too.. One day I will leave this company too.. But don't worry.. we're still friends. Even though we don't meet everyday physically, it doesn't mean we disappear from this life.. Since we're still alive, we still can meet each other anytime, anywhere, as long as there is still fate between us, don't you agree???

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