Thursday, September 21, 2006

Why I always get sick when it comes to B'day???

Last year, I took 2 days MC on my b'day and this time, I'm not taking MC, but my gastric came last nite (how dao mei... =( )
I will go back home tomorrow morning, and thought of eating sushi (one of my favourite foods) before going back despite nobody accompanied me for dinner (otherwise I'll be missing it.. - I only went back for 3 days anyway.. kekekeke... sounds exaggerating ya?) and who knows... at 10pm while chatting w/ my friend, I started not feeling well.. keep vomiting.. and it affected my gastric.. oh gosh.. it's been a long time I hadn't had my gastric pain and now coming back, just few days b4 my b'day... =(
I asked people at home whether they have any medicine for gastric and nobody has it. So, I tried to sleep and see how was it.. who knows in the morning I could get better.. But after tossing here and there, I still couldn't sleep and decided to go to the 24 hr doctor nearby my house. So I walked there (just past midnite) and the lady told me the charge would be $80 for consultation and excluded the medicine fee... I only brought $100 w/ me and I thought it should be enough.. After checking w/ doctor, he said my stomach was having lots of noises.. kinda war.. (remember my friend told me my stomach was in world war - Japanese mixed w/ Chinese.. kekekeke...), and asked me to eat regularly. When paying time, the lady told me the fee was $113. Oow.. I took out my money and told her that I only brought $100 w/ me. So I asked her to give me less medicine ('cos what most important for me that I have medicine yesterday nite to make me feel better.. if still not better, I still can go other doctor.. and somemore usually I won't finish all the medicine given by the doctor). And lucky she was so understanding and took out some medicines portion from the plastic and made the total charge to $100.. (still expensive but better.. hehehe..). Then I walked back home lor... having my medicine. While waiting the medicine to come down to my stomach, I went online and posted some 'nothing to do question' at the BB at FS.. kekekeke.... And went to sleep at 1am. This morning I felt better but felt very hungry (most my food was vomited out yesterday nite), so I smsed my friend to help me buy the porridge and this morning, my colleague bought me fish porridge, which is very helpful for my stomach. The ginger made my stomach warm and I feel better now.. And now.. ready to work!! Jia you!!!
Hopefully it's getting better soon so that I could eat whatever I want to eat tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow tomorrow.. hahahahahhahaha.... (Eating is my enjoyment in life.. that's why I am always plump.. hahahahhahaa... ;P Ciao

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