Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My plans

CNY is still 3 months ahead but today I already made a decision on what to do. Hehehe.. a bit kiasu.. XP
I think I've posted in previous blog that I planned to go Hong Kong to bring my son to Disneyland. And few days after that, after having lots of consideration, I decided not to go. And this morning, my 3rd sis emailed, and said that she has already booked the ticket to HK and all her plan. And after thinking very hard... I decided to go there as well..
I plan to go there for a week w/ my son. My purpose is to visit my 2nd sis & families and other relatives, and also to bring my son to Disneyland. My 3rd sis plans to go Shenzhen/Guangzhou and stay for 2 nights. I dunno whether I'm going w/ her or just stay in HK alone. Most probably I'll stay in and enjoy browsing HK alone 'cos I believe there will be lots of people going/coming back from Shenzhen/Guangzhou to HK (jam at the immigration) and also to save transport costs =P Anyway I've been there many times before and dun have any specific purpose to go there other than to visit relatives.
I just hope that I made the right decision 'cos the tickets are not cheap and hope that my son and I will enjoy the trip.

I have registered the course for next term too. Hopefully I can plan my time properly so that I've enough time to study. Just hope everything will go on smoothly...

My goal for next year: Study hard, work hard, and play hard too!!! Kanbate!!!

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