Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Dunno why.. I had nightmare these last two nights...
On Sunday night, I was dreaming.. My youngest sis-in-law was driving some kind of bajaj (three wheel car) in front, while I was seated behind w/ other 2 girls (couldn't remember who..). The location, was something like in US. When we looked up at the sky, there were two suns in the sky.. and we were thinking that there would be disasters coming. So my sis-in-law increased the speed of the bajaj and went on w/ the road. But in front, there was army asking us to go the other way around.. which means.. we had to return back to the place where we were from.. No choice.. since they've blocked the road, we could only U-turn and kept on going... then.. I woke up.. ???? Two suns in the sky.. located nearby to each other.. what that means??? One sun already gave us a very hot weather.. how about two??
And last nite.. it was another dream. I think.. I went to the car repairer.. kind like a house.. then I went in to the house. I guessed I've invited other 2 guy friends in to have lunch there. The food was nice, but one of the friend was having a gastric and couldn't take the food provided, therefore someone was going to buy for him. I went out not through the door, but through one square wide and short one and eventually I managed to go through it. The nitemare was... when I went to the toilet.. I was inside, then found out there was a black things in the wastafel, which came out to be 2 big cockroaches and 'perhaps I didn't wear my glasses' and I saw small2 black things near the door and on the wall.. which AGAIN came out to be lots of cockroaches!!! I was shouted very loud.. "Maaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!" and faster opened the door and RUN very fast!!!
Haiyah... last week, I didn't even have any nitemares but dunno why these two days I kept having this type of stupid dream!! Perhaps I should change my pillows. The two pillows have made me sleep uncomfortably 'til I must use other type of small pillow to support my head when sleeping.. Maybe those small pillow that made me having this night mare.. Dunno la..
Today after work, I plan to register my class. Enough rest for this time and I must go back to my feet again!! Hopefully my energy has been recharged and no more complain.. =P I hope I won't giving up and keep on going! But I haven't decided which school to go.. I will call and check it w/ my friends whether their teacher is good or not for the school that locates nearer to my office.. otherwise.. I should take the school w/ a very good teacher, but locates a bit far from here.. =( *sigh.. maybe that's the cause of my nightmare.. to think back to school and EXAM again.. Life.. o life... so miserable but yet.. must go on!!! Jia you!!

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