Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sisters' reunion

Hehehe.... One by one.. will fly to Hong Kong during CNY and there'll be sisters reunion =D
After deciding my journey there, my eldest sister was also interested to fly there.. and yesterday she told me that she will go there as well hiehiaheiahiehiaheihaie..... 4 sis will meet together... lalalalala.... Duno whether my mum wants to join us or not 'cos my father plans to go back to his hometown at Bangka Island.
Wah.. what a tiring day.. Yesterday after work, I met my cousin who came back S'pore for short holiday. We went to VIVO city *again??? to have our dinner, dessert, and walk2. I reached home at about 10 plus. Then I took a bath. When I came out from bathroom, uncle has come back home (He went to Perth for 2 weeks to visit his grandson). He was taking out his presents just like a Santa Claus.. hahahaha... Sooo many soft toys he brought from there and many other toys for my son as if my son is his own grandson.. ;P He bought a bag for me, some soft toys, and strawberry wine for me =) He also bought some souvenirs for others. So many of it. He was excitingly talking about his trip but too bad, I can't understand Hokkian, so I just sat there 'till 11.30pm. Waa.. so late... then went to sleep lor...
This morning I've gotta work again.. like usual.. I keep yawning and my tears keep coming out.. so sleepy... *Hoaaaheeemmmmm......
Time flies.. I love November.. hehehehehe... it passes faster than the rest of the month.. =P
K'lah.. gotta work again.. Ciao!!!

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