Friday, November 24, 2006

Small feast @home =)

I had a small feast last nite =)
I bought a group of beers 2 days ago at my working place but I only brought it home yesterday. Those were actually lost & found items and staff can purchase it very cheap ^^
The bigger can of Tiger Beer.. I bought it for only $1/can and I purchased 7 of them. A big bottle of Tiger Beer, usually costs about $6, I bought it for only $2. And there was another drink from Philippines, small bottle written 'brandy' in front of it, and I bought if for another $2. Cheap hor??? =D So, total purchase was only $11 for 7 big can Tiger Beer, 1 big bottle of Tigger Beer, and 1 small bottle of brandy made in Philippines =D
So yesterday before going back home, I was asking my hubby to buy roasted duck but he thought it would be expensive, so he suggested me to buy KFC instead... I was quite upset w/ his suggestion.. 'cos since when KFC to be eaten w/ beer???? So I asked him not to buy if he didn't want to.. Then otw to MRT I was thinking of buying other snacks to be eaten w/ beer... And before I went off from work, my colleague offered me Old Chang Kee snacks, leftover from someone's bday party.. and I took a piece of Gyoza *my favourite... and I was thinking.. yeah.. whey don't I buy Old Chang Kee otw home? *There is Old Chang Kee shop near MRT.. so I was about sms my hubby asking him not to buy the roasted duck, then only when I started to write, he called me and told me that he bought the duck already.. and half duck only costs $13. At first I was a bit upset 'cos he bought it without my concern, while I've changed my mind to buy something else as replacement.. but think it over again.. I should thank him for his concern.. =) Then when I went home, I still bought my Old Chang Kee and after reaching home, I took a bath immediately and had my small feast @ home =)
What a nice roasted duck!!! It was really good although a bit oily.. I kept removing the oil, which was impossible to remove every oil from the skin.. heiheiheihieie... The chilli was my favourite!!! They have this chilli w/ sugar, salt, and the lime juice.. spicy and sour... hm...... delicious...
I also took some pieces of gyoza.. and opened a can of Tiger Beer to accompany my dishes... Wow... can't be describe w/ words.. I ate half of the half ducks by myself.. kekekekeke... and maybe 5 pcs of Gyoza and finished my beer... Wow... sooo niceeee.... =D
I went down to mama shop to buy some ice creams too.. hehehehe... so satisfied!!! But of course I can't have my meal like that everyday.. otherwise.. my cholesterol will jump out sooo high..
Then I watched my recorded film series at 8pm and continued w/ the series at 9pm and went to sleep.... zzz.. zzz...
My dear colleagues have asked me to join their BBQ party tomorrow at East Coast. It's been a long time I didn't go there.. I can't even remember when was the last time I went there and for what purpose. This morning one of them even threatened me not to talk to me anymore if I don't come tomorrow... hehehehehehhee... ;P *hope u don't mind I posted what u said on this blog.. hehehehehehe... I can't find anybody to accompany me leh... how a??? =D
Most probably I will go there tomorrow.. I may go earlier there to do something else, like having a walk.. or renting bicycle.. etc.. See how lah.. ok???
Oh ya.. today is Friday!! What a great day!!! =) Tomorrow I can sleep 'til late.. I don't have enough sleep lately.. while the weather is sooo good.. *so cooling... hehehehehe...
K'lah.. write till here.. gotta work again..... Ciao!!! Have a nice weekend everyone... XP

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Anonymous said...

who threatened you???

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