Sunday, November 12, 2006

Taken for granted

'Have it' means 'good'
'Dun have it' means 'it's okay'
Is it the meaning of 'taken for granted'?

How many times in life that we have taken someone for granted???
And how many times in life that someone else has taken us for granted???

When we're gone..
What will THEY feel?

Or when someone else is gone
What will WE feel?

Or.. no feeling at all?

It just happened to my best friend's friend..
At times when my best friend needs him the most.. he just took it easy.. Never really took attention on her needs, didn't give her much attention, care, or love.. which simply means he took her for granted.
And by the time my best friend had an interest on other guys and started to ignore this guy, then that guy just started of losing her. Wasn't it a little bit too late???
He regretted very much on what he has done. If only my friend didn't give him any chance, they may have lost each other.. And since she gave him one more chance.. then the guy started to treasure her more than before.. gives her the attention that she needs.. gives her loves and cares that she always needs.. and gives it even more..
Now they are a very lovely couple, who treasure each other for the time and chance that they have. Even they can never always be together.. they just simply live their lives to the fullest as long as both can feel happiness in their lives.. which may be just short and they knew it that it will end soon or later.

And now.. I feel that someone has taken me for granted AGAIN. Maybe it's just my feeling.. but that's what I feel right now. Honestly.. I'm tired and sick of this. Why can't my presence be important in their life??? Ever I??

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