Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Kinda not in the mood to work today... Some more one of my friends's taking urgent leave, which makes me getting lazier to work.. kekekekekeke..... XP
So.. I chatted online for a while w/ some of my friends, which I haven't done it for quite some time. It was good to in touch again w/ them, although there was nothing much to say..
Like usual.. it's the 3rd week of the month.. getting less job.. but still have to finish up my FA's job *sigh... Today I managed to take pics of one room only, 'cos the occupancy rate is very high (98%???). There are still about 5 rooms to take.. hopefully I could get it done as soon as possible and give my superior a result of what I've been done.. =D
This afternoon I had lunch w/ PY. I had hor fun, while she had fried hor fun and both of us were having banana w/ milk juice.. not bad for the juice.. but the hor fun, no taste... dun think I will order the same food again next time.
Aniwae, later after work, I'm going to go to my bro's house. They will depart tomorrow afternoon. Feel very sad... =(
There is left me and my 3rd sis in S'pore.. hiks... hiks.. and soon my 3rd sis will leave S'pore too.. hiks hiks hiks.. hwaaaaa....... Oklah.. gotta work again.. Ciao...

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